[49] Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins, ‘Rise Up With Fists!!’

I didn’t mean to do it, but this is Bright Eyes all over again. Most of them anyway, plus M Ward. OK, that makes this Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins and Monsters Of Folk. Like the album though, it’s Jenny Lewis all over, the Rilo Kiley singer’s pure tones rendering all things beautiful – and slightly sarcastic. Here she takes her sweet heart of the rodeo on a grapple with the buffeting forces of religion and hypocrisy, coming out bloodied but unbowed and with a nice country ballad to show for it. Everyone wins.

Junior says: “It’s quite pretty, isn’t it, Mummy?” She wasn’t talking to me. Conceding it’s “slow”, she turns her attention to the cover, noting that the ladies with Jenny are twins, because “they have the same handbag”.

Best bit: Jenny demurs, leaving The Watson Twins to trill the accusing “not your wife”.

[50] Bright Eyes, ‘Four Winds’

HERE WE ARE at last, on the coast of Armageddon. ‘Four Winds’ is the apocalypse as whoop-up hoedown. Conor Oberst slaps a full band on this country-blues squall and smudges a state of the nation address with religious panic, death-soaked imagery and weary resignation. It’s a barrel-load of fun.

Junior says: “It’s fine.” To a suggestion it’s about the end of the world, she offers, “It sounds sad. It would sound happy if it was about the start of the world.”

Best bit: “They said, ‘You’d… better look alive’”.