[14] Delays, ‘Valentine’


It’s ridiculous that Delays don’t have proper hits. Here’s a band that really only make sense if they’re racing up the charts, otherwise what’s the point of such bright, barefaced pop? They might as well keep their powder dry, dour, functional. Perhaps the kids just don’t want their guitar bands to be so heart-on-sleeve, so unguarded, unless they feature Trace Cyrus or something.

‘Valentine’ ought to be too trite, tackling Hurricane Katrina with this sort of zinging gusto, but Delays get away with it with a bracing blend of hooks, drama, movement, pace, power – sorry, was possessed by the dread spirit of Alan Hansen for a moment there. He won’t have heard of them though, but will pretend he has so he can offer ill-judged soundbites on the telly, collecting cheques with nary a clue why ‘Valentine’ trumps ‘Long Time Coming’.

Junior says:
“I liked everything,” which leads me to suspect there’s a lack of critical rigour going into her assessments.

Best bit: “Oooh-ooo-ooo-ooh-woah-oh”.

[14] Delays, ‘Long Time Coming’


While we’re doing hapless pop stars destined never to have the hits their music doesn’t make sense without, here’s Delays! ‘Long Time Coming’ – in all its joy and verve and pulsating radio-friendlyness – did manage to chug to No.16 in the chart, but as they cobble together a fourth album with yet another record label, even the minor hits have long since dried up.

Do I champion records no one else likes?

Don’t answer that. Junior’s considered judgement was, “I didn’t dance to that,” but she could’ve done. She really could. Granted, it’d be at an indie disco and she’d be wearing a baggy, moth-eaten jumper and stripy tights, but some sort of dancing nonetheless. She also said, “Uncle Paddy has this record,” and I don’t think that’s true. It’d be statistical madness.

Threw your Lego in the lake: