[8] Los Campesinos!, ‘You! Me! Dancing!’

You! Me! Dancing! in 2007

It’s not really my bag, but I’ve loved this ever since I had to review it for Orange Music (eat your heart out, NME). All of Los Campesinos!’s songs are wordy, complicated, it’s just this is where lyric and tune come together to make something truly satisfying – touching, even. Of COURSE they “can’t dance a single step”, they’re indie kids! They flail about with their thumbs through the cuffs of their outsized jumpers. And boy are they indie kids; namechecking Twisted By Design, scoffing at the very idea of “dance heroes”, larking about in fountains at the end of the night. It’s twee, it’s niche, it just works.

To be honest, you probably wouldn’t tire of punching Gareth Campesinos!, but let’s not incite violence. Maybe a prod in the chest.

Junior says: Nothing, just lets it hurtle by. Junior’s mum asks, “This is a bit high, isn’t it?” Yeah, well.

Best bit: Backing vocals under “It’s sad that you think that we’re all just scenesters…”