[11] Rockers Revenge featuring Donnie Calvin, ‘Walking On Sunshine’

“Is this the most 80s record ever?” asked Junior’s mum. That brought me down to earth. I thought it was a pioneering, barnstorming, proto-electrohouse, hip-hop-referencing, technofunk floorburner. Turns out it’s as tinny as Kajagoogoo.

And that’s electro’s big problem. As groundbreaking and exciting as Arthur Baker productions and the like might have sounded back in ‘82/‘83, these days they only seem acceptable with LL Cool J droning and Jennifer Lopez caterwauling over the top. Of course, that’s not true. That record’s a travesty, but we do expect everything beefed up now. Only “zum zum zum zum zum”s seem to bestride the decades.

Contrarily, Junior danced like a maniac.

[19] Len, ‘Steal My Sunshine’


Junior was in crawling position when I put this on and rocked back and forth as if she was on her starting blocks, raring to go. Or she was trying to get as far away from the stereo as possible. It’s a jaunty, stumbling rhythm, mind, and that’s usually her bag. This crawling position business is still just a dire warning, but we’re ill-prepared. I need to put the Kajagoogoo and later Air LPs on the lower shelves.

Len, then. I thought Jane’s Addiction had taken a brave new direction when I first heard this; he sounds a bit like Perry Farrell, innit. It’s not a record that stands up to repeat plays, so it was lucky to be released late in the year. I was probably fed up with it by the time I recorded number 16. Still, it’s a bit of throwaway pop fun, and they have an unfathomably stupid name. Bonus.