[28] Goldfrapp, ‘A&E’


Seventh Tree proved Goldfrapp have a heart, not just a set of timely pop culture references – and ‘A&E’ is a murmur. All is not well, and the redemptive power of love is the illusion of the desperate. Ahem. It has a panicky beauty and swelling power, with Alison Goldfrapp inhabiting it a little fully for comfort. Still, sod the comfort of distance; this is a far cry from the play-acting of Supernature, Black Cherry, whichever costume party the duo soundtracked before, and it’s a winning gambit.

Junior says: “I like this song.” Blushing, she even sort of sings along with the first verse, but I’m sure it’s ages since she heard it. Perhaps it’s nuzzled into her psyche. As I try to put another record on, she says, “Can you play Blue Big Blue again?”

Best bit: Sitary foundations of the second verse.

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