[27] Guillemots, ‘Made-Up Lovesong #43’

Made-Up Lovesong #43

Perfectly pitched Fyfe Dangerfield is an unashamed romantic, here seeing the beauty in any bit of scrap because he’s all luvved-up awww. The wonky, tootling ‘Made-Up Lovesong #43’ is the right setting for these skewed musings, its swoops throwing you from paranoia to affirmation. It’s a little needy, yeah, but you’d have to be a pretty cold fish to ignore its quirky charm.

Junior says: “Here’s the beat.” She didn’t mean, “This is the shiz” or, “That’s what I’m talkin’ abaht.” No, she was just marking where the song picked up tempo. I told her about the line-up and the radiant Aristazabal Hawkes on double bass. She said, “They have one of those on ZingZillas.”

Best bit: “I can’t believe you caaaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaare.”

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