[26] Hot Chip, ‘Over And Over’

Over And Over

Sometimes I think I’m in a minority of 1. Hot Chip are music press darlings with a fiercely loyal following at odds with their mild music. They should be one of my favourites – ticking boxes from synth-pop devotees to mates of Green Gartside – but I think they’re just a bit weak. Short on robust tunes, long on prissy fannying about. No one agrees with me. Perhaps I’m empirically wrong.

But look, here’s ‘Over And Over’, matching ideas with execution, gallumphing along with real verve, weight and pure nonsense. It’s never even tiresome. You probably don’t agree with me.

Junior says: “Cool.” We valiantly try to sing along with words we don’t know during what musicologists refer to as “the middle bit”.

Best bit: That middle bit. With what sounds like a kazoo. Cool.

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