[22] The Ting Tings, ‘Great DJ’

The Ting Tings, sort of

For me, ‘Great DJ’ is all about tempo, switches, segues and glorious banality. At heart it’s a true indie dance record with euphoric peaks and measured breakdowns, an exercise in peerless timing with a chorus that bursts through with the clarity of a new morning. It’s the second most-played song on my iPod (April 2008 to about now) because it’s always as fresh as Kool & The Gang, and Mel & Kim (at the weekend).

Junior says: “Ah-ah-ahh-ahh ah-ah-ah-ah.” But that doesn’t quite express the enthusiasm. She smiled the smile of a girl pleased that pop stars know the power of simplicity.

Best bit: Ee-ee-eee-eee ee-ee-ee-ee. We can’t all like the same things.

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