[22] The Ting Tings, ‘Great DJ’

The Ting Tings, sort of

For me, ‘Great DJ’ is all about tempo, switches, segues and glorious banality. At heart it’s a true indie dance record with euphoric peaks and measured breakdowns, an exercise in peerless timing with a chorus that bursts through with the clarity of a new morning. It’s the second most-played song on my iPod (April 2008 to about now) because it’s always as fresh as Kool & The Gang, and Mel & Kim (at the weekend).

Junior says: “Ah-ah-ahh-ahh ah-ah-ah-ah.” But that doesn’t quite express the enthusiasm. She smiled the smile of a girl pleased that pop stars know the power of simplicity.

Best bit: Ee-ee-eee-eee ee-ee-ee-ee. We can’t all like the same things.

[19] Kool & The Gang, ‘(When You Say You Love Somebody) In The Heart’

An unremarkable record from a band some way past its peak, hurtling headlong towards the nadir of ‘Cherish’. It has a nice, sunny intro, and I remember admiring its 7” vinyl goodness in the lane on the way home from WH Smith. Also in the paper bag were singles from Scritti Politti and OMD. It was the Easter holiday. I don’t have much to say about this.

Junior ate banana porridge, which will probably linger longer in her memory.