The Music Diary Project: Day 3


Brandy & Monica: The Boy Is Mine
Cassie: Is It You
R Kelly: Ignition (Remix)
Phyllis Nelson: Move Closer
Missy Elliott: Work It
Lake Heartbeat: Pipedream
Kraftwerk: Trans Europe Express
Kisses: Bermuda
Kid Sister: Daydreaming
Kelis: Good Stuff
Marcel King: Reach For Love
The Weeknd: House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls
Whitney Houston: It’s Not Right But It’s Okay
Tom Tom Club: Genius Of Love
TLC: Waterfalls
Terry Lynn: Rivers Of Babylon
Ten City: That’s The Way Love Is (Underground Extended Mix)
Talizman: Only You
The SOS Band: Just Be Good To Me (Extended Version)
Change: Change Of Heart
Beyoncé: Ego

There’s a warm low sun as I leave the house, so I put on my Rising Sun playlist. It’s for nodding your head and tapping your fingers ostentatiously on the commute. And it’s a fantasy. I’m on holiday. A perceptible shiver for ‘Waterfalls’ and a bang of the finger on my book as the horn blasts in the middle of Left Eye’s rap.


Panda Bear: Tomboy

More audiograms from Panda Bear’s diving bell. Endless repetition is chiming nicely with today’s tasks. Anyway, it cut out halfway through, but I think I got the gist.


Britney Spears: Blackout

Prompted to listen to Britney’s robo-frug for the first time in years by an excerpt from Marcello Carlin’s forthcoming book, featured on The Quietus. This kind of hi-tech pop always sounds new, for half a decade at any rate. It’s a brain-cleanser for a dry afternoon’s work.


The Go! Team: Ladyflash
John Lennon: Watching The Wheels
Passion Pit: The Reeling

One great thing about dubiously hosting songs from my annual Top 20s on this blog is, erm, the chance to listen to music. I mean, some of my favourite songs. OK, there’s no reason I can’t do this anywhere, but here I can enjoy my own context and keep pressing the random button and re-read my own writing. I don’t mind that. If I don’t agree anymore, I just don’t agree anymore.


Tracey Thorn: You Are A Lover (Clock Opera Remix)
Tracey Thorn: You Are A Lover (Original Mix)
Tracey Thorn: Sister Winter

Lovely EP for Record Store Day. I listened nominally for research for an interview, but at least as much to get in the mood.

Tracey Thorn: Love And Its Opposite

Further immersive research. Or just enjoyment, really.


RZA As Bobby Digital: Digi Snacks
Girl Unit: IRL
Girl Unit: Shade On
Girl Unit: Temple Keys
Girl Unit: Wut

Intense, claustrophobic stuff for hot, packed, hot-packed trains. Sweet.

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