The Music Diary Project: Day 1

I’m doing Nick Southall’s Music Diary Project, because I love lists like a brother. Some of this will involve Junior, but most won’t because I do the lion’s share of my listening on the interminable commute, and she’s not yet persuaded me to take her to the office. Expect a lot of Scritti Politti, James Blake and, oh look, The Four Seasons.



A long commute because I missed my train, the office has moved and I was, erm, experimenting with routes. It was sunny. Sun = Four Seasons; Four Seasons = Frankie Valli; Further sunkissed 70s FM radio listening = Dennis Wilson.

The Four Seasons: Let’s Hang On
The Four Seasons: Working My Way Back To You
The Four Seasons: Opus 17 (Don’t You Worry About Me)
The Four Seasons: I’ve Got You Under My Skin
The Four Seasons: Tell It To The Rain
The Four Seasons: Beggin’
The Four Seasons: C’mon Marianne
The Four Seasons: Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
The Four Seasons: The Night
The Four Seasons: Who Loves You?
The Four Seasons: December, 1963 (Oh What A Night!)
The Four Seasons: Silver Star
The Four Seasons: Sherry
The Four Seasons: Big Girls Don’t Cry
The Four Seasons: Walk Like A Man
The Four Seasons: Candy Girl
The Four Seasons: Marlena
The Four Seasons: Stay
The Four Seasons: Dawn (Go Away)
The Four Seasons: Silence Is Golden
The Four Seasons: Ronnie
The Four Seasons: Rag Doll
The Four Seasons: Save It For Me
The Four Seasons: Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
The Four Seasons: Girl Come Running
The Four Seasons: Let’s Hang On
The Four Seasons: Working My Way Back To You
Frankie Valli: Grease
Dennis Wilson: You And I
Dennis Wilson: Pacific Ocean Blues
Dennis Wilson: Farewell My Friend
Dennis Wilson: River Song
Dennis Wilson: What’s Wrong
Dennis Wilson: Moonshine
Dennis Wilson: Friday Night
Dennis Wilson: Dreamer


Midlake: Late Night Tales
Frank Ocean: Nostalgia, Ultra

Purely work with Midlake, but it’s a pleasing compilation of fuzzy folk and dreamy pop-rock that means a calm journey. Frank Ocean was semi-work, so I could help a pal with a bit of context. I like it, although all that singing over full, pre-existing songs reminds me of some schoolfriends and I attempting to record our own track over Duran Duran’s ‘Tel Aviv’. With the help of some tupperware, and rubber bands over tissue boxes.

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