The Music Diary Project: Day 6


B.o.B apparently: Something something something right now
Primal Scream: Screamadelica

Junior is wearing her Screamadelica t-shirt. The problem with this album is everyone keeps trying to get up from the breakfast table to dance.

Some wretched Eminem track
Kanye West, Rihanna etc: All Of The Lights

I’m done with Eminem, and Kanye’s album hasn’t stayed with me like I thought it would.

Everything Everything: Final Form
John Lennon: Imagine
Electric Light Orchestra: Mr Blue Sky

Three songs for the trip to Bluewater. A least we enter the shopping centre in springy mood.


Lady Gaga: Born This Way
Taio Cruz: Dynamite

The girls know most of the words to both. They can keep them.


Polock: Getting Down From The Trees

I’m reviewing this, and like some of it very much. Really appealing, sunshine, Phoenixy pop. A lot of the rest just wafts by in a surfeit of good vibes. The girls shake their shoulders a bit.


Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z: Crazy In Love
Far East Movement: Like A G6
Aaliyah: More Than A Woman

Whatever I think of her own music – and it’s not much – Jessie J has decent enough taste. Three songs from her Hip Pop Top 50 before we head back to the sun.


An array of Party Tunes for Thirtysomethings at a celebration for a wedding that took place in New Zealand six weeks ago. The creaky classics included stuff by LCD Soundsystem, Blondie, Hot Chip, Pet Shop Boys and much more that the champagne and Becks Vier has made me forget.

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