The Music Diary Project: Day 7


Top Of The Pops April 1976 was on when we bowled in. My memory is hazy, but I’m excited about the repeats.


Los Campesinos!: You! Me! Dancing!
Thomas Dybdahl: Rise In Shame
Elvis Presley: Jailhouse Rock
Alexis Jordan: Good Girl
Pet Shop Boys: King’s Cross

A mix of iPod randomness and what’s playing upstairs (Alexis Jordan) as I wash up, sweep up and generally prettify a house free of the small daughters who stayed at their grandparents while we attended a rare party. Everything makes me feel fresher than I have a right to be.


Ke$ha: We R Who We R
Mike Posner: Cooler Than Me
Jessie J: Price Tag
Florence + The Machine: You Got The Love (awful remix that prompts a change of station)
Wiz Khalifa: Black & Yellow
Bruno Mars: Grenade

Pop sunshine in the car on the way to get the family.


Jessie J: Do It Like A Dude
Lady Gaga: Born This Way mashed up with When Love Takes Over and – ahem – Express Yourself
Wretch 32: Unorthodox
Beyoncé: Sweet Dreams
Various Artists: Pete Waterman Hit Factory

A mix of Kiss and Capital on the road to Scotney Castle for the day, then the Pete Waterman CD I inexplicably brought along. Well, fairly explicably – I thought it might entertain the girls, but they were sleeping off generously late bedtimes at their grandparents’. In the front, we sang along instead. Most enjoyable: Mel & Kim’s ‘Respectable’, followed by Bananarama’s ‘Venus.


Various Artists: Pete Waterman Hit Factory
Various Artists: 50 Years Of The Greatest Hit Singles

More Pete Waterman-associated (loosely, by the looks) faves, including ‘Pass The Dutchie’ and Opus III’s ‘It’s A Fine Day’, which accelerated a change of CD. The 50 Years comp is a Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles-sponsored collection of perennials, and it saw us all going Wayne’s World to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. We’re unembarrassable.

And that was it. The last few hours of the week was dedicated to getting children in bed and attempting to stay awake for Waking The Dead. After 15 mins of that, we admitted defeat.

I might draw conclusions from the last seven days’ listening at some stage. Cheers.

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