The Music Diary Project: Day 5


Nicole Scherzinger: Poison
JLS feat. Tinie Tempah: Eyes Wide Shut

It’s 4Music time again, and these two bookended my shower. I’ve got time for Scherzinger, and not just because she’s devastatingly attractive. She seems to have a bit of wit about her and the odd banally catchy tune. JLS are a big hit with Junior 2, who appears to know the words. God knows what happens when I’m at work.


Will Young: Leave Right Now
Lewis Parker: Masquerades & Silhouettes
Jim O’Rourke: Eureka

Alex Needham’s thoughts on ‘Leave Right Now’ in the Guardian this morning chime with mine, so I had a hankering to hear it as I settled in on the train. After that, well – I had too many pints with my brother last night and today I’m not capable of thought, so I scrolled through and picked the first unthreatening album. Lewis Parker’s crazy jedi hip hop fits the bill. It’s relaxed and mysterious. Jim O’Rourke’s ‘Ghost Ship In A Storm’ is a great soundtrack for a sun-dappled stroll down Hammersmith Road. One to remember, should you be there.


An office Spotify playlist including Zero 7, Groove Armada, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jose Gonzalez and many more that won’t scare the horses. Hmm.


Girls Aloud: Biology
The Roots: The Seed 2.0
New Radicals: You Get What You Give

A dabble in the blog archives, always guaranteeing songs I like – but no surprises, naturally.


R.E.M.: Man On The Moon
Kelis: Sugar Honey Iced Tea
Al Green: Let’s Stay Together

More office playlist. It’s four desks away, quite quiet, and isn’t inspiring me.


The Sundays: Can’t Be Sure
Janelle Monae: Tightrope
Delays: Long Time Coming
Buggles: Video Killed The Radio Star
Jamelia: Thank You
Animal Collective: My Girls
Young MC: Know How
Underworld: Cowgirl

More from the blog. ‘Cowgirl’ never gets old.


Dionne Farris: Hopeless
En Vogue: Love Makes You Do Thangs
Maxwell: Love You
Janelle Monae: Locked Inside
Stevie Wonder: Big Brother

My additions to the office playlist. If it’s going to be soft, it might as well be soul. Or knock-offs thereof.


Keren Ann: 101

This is good.


Paul Simon: You Can Call Me Al

I might listen to this a few times on the bounce, song for all occasions that it is.


The Cure: Lovesong

The Adele phenomenon irks me. She’s a fabulous singer, but the songs are bilge.


The Horrors: Primary Colours

A beast of a record. It played on loop in my car for most of 2009, but this time I’m on a train, beaming madly at the fat riffs.

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